First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

Global and Regional Security Challenges and Threats to East & Southeast Asia More »

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyberspace is now considered part of any national security stratgey More »

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Specialized tactics, strategies and technologies More »

CyberSense 2016

CyberSense 2016

Cyber Sense World (CSW) will bring together the industry experts, key decision makers and experienced influencers from across the globe to discuss, highlight and analyse the various aspects of Cyber Security More »


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Is It The Time To Accomplish The Egyptian President’s Mission Order?

Four years have passed since the spread of terrorism in Sinai. The terrorist elements of Welaiet Sinaa “Sinai State” Organization (Previously named as Partisans of Jerusalem) managed to carry out their operations targeting the Egyptian army and police forces responsible

What Northern Ireland’s past reveals about soldiers with mixed allegiances

Dr Samantha Newbery, University of Salford Two British soldiers appeared in court in late September, charged with membership of National Action, a banned far-right terrorist group. Along with another man, the two soldiers will face trial in January 2018. However,

Serge Stroobant, Strategist, Assistant-Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgian

Serge Stroobant, Strategist, Assistant-Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgean Serge is an Adjunct-Professor at Vesalius College Brussels, Lecturer at the Belgian Royal Military Academy and Brussels Representative for the Institute for Economics and Peace. He holds courses and research

Part 4 Libya from the Midst of the Crisis to Prospects for Stability

Expected Trump’s Presidential Cabinet

US-President-elect Donald Trump’s team is taking shape as he prepares to move into the White House. The Republican is widely expected to recruit from a select cadre of loyalists as he assembles his cabinet-in-waiting. Two posts have already been hired,

‘Global and Regional Security Challenges and Threat to NATO & Asia’

A National Security Conference will be held in Taipei (Taiwan) during the period 12th – 13th of September 2016. The conference is organized and hosted by Taiwan Think Tank (TTT) in cooperation with the Institute for Global Security and Defense

دراسة سياسية أمنية: تهديدات وتحديات هائلة تواجه الشرق الأوسط

دراسة سياسية أمنية “تهديدات وتحديات هائلة تواجه الشرق الأوسط” المصدر: جريدة الأخبار ………… بقلم: سيد غنيم   زميل أكاديمية ناصر العسكرية العليا – استشارى الأمن القومى والدفاع   تهديدات وتحديات هائلة تجعل حاضر ومستقبل منطقة الشرق الأوسط في خطر..


  Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA) The “Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs” (IGSDA) is an online global, international, regional, national and internal security research Think Tank (TT) is found in June 2016, producing political and