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Prof. Gamal Zahran (Ph.D), Head of Political Science Department at Faculty of Commerce / Port Said University, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Gamal Ali Zahran is a Professor and Head of Political Science Department at Faculty of Commerce / Port Said University, Egypt.

He’s also:

– The General Secretary of Arab Association for Political Science (2007-Now)

– The President of Egyptian Branch, Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption, Beirut, 2010.

He was Member of Egyptian People’s Assembly (2005-2010)

Date and Place of Birth: 2. Sept. 1955, Egypt

Marital Status : Married having (2) sons

Web Site:


– Ph.D. in Political Science, Cairo University, 1988. (First Degree).

–  Master in political science, Cairo Uni., 1983, (Excellent).

–  Bachelor of political science, Faculty of Economic and Political Science, Cairo Uni., 1997, (V. Good).

Previous positions:

–  Prof. & Head of Political Science, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said) Suez Canal University) (Till June 2010).

–  Vice Dean For High Studies, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said), (2000).

–  Vice Dean for Scoiety Service & Environment, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said), (1994-1997).

–  Director of the Future Studies and Research center, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said), (1995-2000).

–  Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Commerce (Prot Said), 1998.

–  Assistance Professor of Political science, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said), 1993.

–  Associate professor of Political Science, Faculty of Commerce (Port Said), 1990.

–  Associate Prof., & Researcher of Political Science, The National Center for Social Research, Cairo 1988.

–  Lecturer of Political Science, The National Center For Social Research, Cairo, 1983.

–  Instructor and Researcher of Political Science, The National Center for Social Research, Cairo, 1981.


– Visiting Professor to The American Universities: George Mason, George Washington, Maryland, George Town, Jon Hopkins, (Washington D.C., U.S.A.), 1996-1999.

– Visiting Professor to London School of Economy & Political Sciences, London, Britain, July and August 1994.

– Visiting Professor to The Majkil and Montreal Universities, Canada 1996.

– The participation to The International Visitor Program, U.S.A., 1 sept.-30 Sept. 2001, To Visit 8 States (Institutions, Research centers, Universities, Leaders, and Lectures about The American Election System).

– Participating by speaking and attending in conferences, seminars, etc. in: UK, Germany, Vienna, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Budabest, Kosova, Verna,  France, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Kingdom, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirates, Morocco, UAE, South Korea, China and others.

Memberships in the Associations and Organizations:

– The Arab Association For Political Science, Beirut.

– The Egyptian Association for Economy, Cairo.

– The Scientific Association for Policies, Cairo.

– The Union of Writers, Cairo.

– The Supreme Administration Association, Cairo.

– The American Association for Political Sciences, Washington, U.S.A.

-The International Society for Future Studies, Washington, U.S.A.

-The Egyptian Council For Foreign Affairs, Cairo.

-Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption, Beirut.

-The Arab National Congress, Beirut.

-The Arab Islamic/National Congress, Beirut.

Publications :

  • The measuring of States Power and Probabilities of Arab-Israeli Conflict Developing, Beirut, Centre For Arab Unity Studies, 2007.
  • The culture of Resistance and Liberalization in Managing of The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Cairo, Al Sherok Al Dawlia, 2005.
  • The Democratic Origins and Political Reform, Cairo, Al Sherok Aldawlia, 2005.
  • The Korean Crisis: The developing and Promise, Abozabie, The Arab Center For Studies, 2003.
  • The Crises of Arab System and Fronting Machineries, Cairo, Dar Al Sherok, 2001.
  • The Future of Hard Problems in Conflict of Arab Israeli Peace, Cairo, Al Mahrosa, 2001.
  • The Dynamics of Foreign Policy and the Egyptian Role, Cairo, Almahrosa, 2001.
  • The International System between the Continuity and Change, Cairo, Almahrosa, 2001.
  • Birth of New World (Translation), Cairo, Al Dar Al Akadimia, 2000.
  • The Challenges of Democratic Practice, Cairo, Almahrosa, 2000.
  • The Challenges of The Third Republic, Cairo, Al Mahrosa, 2000.
  • The Security of Gulf: The Impact of the International factor, Abozabie, The Arab Center for Strategic Studies, 1998.
  • The United Arab work and Conflict of Life in the End of Twentieth Century, Cairo, Al Mahrosa, 1997.
  • The International and Regional System Between Continuity and Change, Cairo, Almahrosa, 1996.
  • Who is Governing Egypt? A study in Political Decision Making Process in Egypt and Third World, Cairo, Al Tobgy, 1994.
  • The Crisis of Scientific Research in Egypt and Third World, The Center For Political Research, Cairo University, 1991.
  • The Balance of Powers Between Arab and Israel Between the Two Wars: June 1967 and October 1973, Cairo, Madboli, 1989.
  • The Foreign Policy of Egypt 1970-1981, Cairo, Madboli, 1987.
    • The participation with other professors, in 25 Books.
    • The Participation in Many Conferences inside Egypt and outside it, with more 100 studies and research.
    • Writer of Essays and Columns in Many Newspapers as: Al Hiaa (London), Okaz (Saudi), Al Ahram (Cairo) and Al Ethad (Emirates).

The Scientific Supervision on Master and Ph.D. Dissertation, and Participation in its Discussion:

  • The supervision on 30 Master Degree and About 30 others Ph.D, up till 2010.
  • The participation in Discussion about (100) Master and Ph.D., in many universities inside Egypt and outside it, as: Cairo , Ain Shams, Assiut, Zagazig, Alexandria and Algeria Univ., and Military Naser Academy (Cairo), and Institute of Arab Studies (Cairo).


–  State prize in Political Science 1995, because of The Book: Who is Governing Egypt?: A Study in Political Decision Making process in Egypt and Third World.

Other Experiences:

  • The Participation in Training of The Parliamentarians in Some Arab States as: Oman, Bahrain and Yemen. 2006-2008.
  • The Participation in Scientific Study About the Election in Bahrian 2006, With Prof. Dr. Ali Al Sawy (Supervisor and Coordinator), 2006/2007, and (U.N Office in Bahrain).