1. Lecture title: “Afghanistan: The Second State 2021”.
  2. Information about the lecturer:
    Major General (Ret.) Sayed Ghoneim (Egyptian)
    PhD in political Science, Fellow, Nasser’s Higher Military Academy
    Chairman, Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA) – https://igsda.org/?page_id=12
  3. Language: The lecturer presented his lecture in English language and the UDH interpreter interpreted the lecture to Spanish language (sentence by sentence).
  4. Attendees: Instructors, staff, researchers and students of the Defense University of Honduras (UDH), Tegucigalpa.
  5. Date: October 11, 2021
  6. Method of presentation: PowerPoint presentation, Online (Zoom application).
  7. Lecture series: The fourth lecture of Prof. Ghoneim to UDH.
  8. Sources of information and lecturer views: Most of the information were collected from the open sources including news, assessments and a power point presentation of an Afghani official, then the lecturer gave his inputs using his previous experiences as he was representing his country with the as “An Intelligence Planning Officer” with the 3rd U.S Army during “Bright Star” maneuver in Egypt held in September/October 2001, just before their deployment to Afghanistan. Also the lecturer depended on his current experiences with officials linked to Afghanistan’s issue, and finally he put his personal view concerning China’s possible role in Afghanistan.