Prof. Tomonori Yoshizaki

Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), Japan MoD

اللواء (متقاعد) ياسر هاشم

باحث أول ومحاضر الأمن القومي والدفاع (مصر)

Ahmed Mahgoub

Senior Manager – Asharq News/ SRMG and Socio-Politico Researcher at IGSDA

Brigadier General (Ret). Zaidan Negresh

Strategist, National Security & Defence at IGSDA (Jordan)

Serge Stroobants

Director of Operations for Europe & MENA of the Institute for Economics and Peace team., Assistant-Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgian

Brigadier General Giuseppe MORABITO

Italian, Army, Director of the Rome Capital Civil Protection Department

Major General (Retd) Ahmed Kamel

Senior Strategist, Security & Defence – Advisor, Military Doctrine at C&SC (Egypt)

Dr. Matteo Gerlini

Scientific qualification as full professor in History of international relations