First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

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Cyber Security

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Counter Terrorism

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CyberSense 2016

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Brigadier General (Ret). Zaidan Negresh, Strategist, National Security & Defence at IGSDA (Jordan)

Negresh is a national security & defence strategist in IGSDA.

He’s a Retired  Brigadier General Engineer  (1 star general ) Jordan Armed Forces (JAF). He was a Commander of Electronic Equipment Workshops  (Electronics / Electro-optics/laser) Depot level repair facility.

Negresh has an international experiences; he participated in the United Nationa Mission in Nepal as;

  • UN Monitor
  • UN Deputy Sector Commander
  • UN Acting Sector Commander

He’s a member of JAF Night Vision Committee, a member of air defense committee and a member of procurement JAF Committee.

Negresh is also researcher and analyst in defence and security field.


First Jordanian Conference (Utilizing Renewable Energy in desert) – Attending At the University Of Jordan.

  • Armored vehicles international conference at JAF 2017 – participant

Awards and Medals:

  • Medal of Technical and administrative efficiency.
  • United Nation medal
  • Medal of participation with the international peace keeping forces
  • Legion of merit 4th class medal
  • Award for Honest services.
  • Legion Of Merit 2nd Class Medal.
  • Discretionary Medal for Long-Term Service.


–     B.Sc. Degree in Electronics / means of automatic control
(Kiev, antiaircraft missile engineering  college)/USSR

  • Certified military interpreter of the Russian language
  • Certified Project Manager /the international association of project and

program management (IAPPM)

  • Certified Project Director/ (IAPPM)
  • Certified Project Auditor/ (IAPPM )
  • Certified Professional in Competency Based Systems /international

Academy for human capital management ( IAHCM )

Email address: