IGSDA Chairman Visit to Operation AGENOR Command, EMASoH

UAE, Abu Dhabi, Monday, 25.07.2022 (Photos) Jehad Fathey Behery wrote: Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs (IGSDA) was honored with the participation of our


رئيس معهد شؤون الأمن العالمي والدفاع يزور مقر قيادة العملية العسكرية الأوروبية AGENOR, EMASoH

الإمارات العربية المتحدة، أبوظبي الإثنين 25 يوليو 2022 (صور) جهاد فتحي يكتب: استقبلت القوة الأوروبية متعددة الجنسيات في مقر قيادة عملية AGENOR، البعثة العسكرية للتوعية

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お知らせ 2021 / 10 / 19 (火) 【出版】IGSDAとの共催ウェビナーが英語著作の一部として刊行されました ROLES-IGSDA Joint Seminars on “Geopolitical Dynamism in the Wider Middle East Region” ROLESが協力関係にある、UAEアブダビを拠点とするシンクタンクIGSDA(Institute for Global Security and

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“FINGERS ARE ON THE TRIGGERS”: An Egyptian’s Perspective of the Middle East in English language

“Fingers Are On The Triggers – Dedos En El Gatillo – الأصابع على الزناد – 一触即发 – 指は引き金の上に Fingers Are On The Triggers is a new book

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指は引き金の上に “超大国の国家安全保障戦略と中東地域への影響”

The Middle East is not part of the world that plays by Las Vegas rules; What happens in the Middle East is not going to

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The book How Did We End Up Here? is a compilation of 105 columns which observe the transformation of the Middle East order from a

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American University in the Emirates (AUE) announces Its Webinar On The Mediterranean Region

Dr. Sayed Ghoneim, Chairman, IGSDA – Member of the Advisory Board of “Program of Master of Security Studies and Information Analysis” at American University in

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Taiwan Center For Security Studies (TCSS) at National Chengchi University Signs Academic Partnership With IGSDA

In Behalf of Taiwan Center For Security Studies (TCSS) of National Chengchi University (NCU) and Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs (IGSDA), Dr. Fu-Kuo

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“Frontiers of Security the Present Day Egypt is Faced With: Generational Transformation of Media, Cyber-Attacks and Public Health Crisis in the Middle East”

Event Information Date and Time March 12, 2021 15:00 – 17:00 (JST) 10:00 – 12:00 (Abu Dhabi Time) 08:00 – 10:00 (Cairo Time) Organizer Zoom

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University of Tokyo (ROLES) Signs Academic Partnership With IGSDA

In Behalf of RCAST Open Laboratory for Emergence Strategies (ROLES) of the University of Tokyo and The Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs (IGSDA),