Associate Professor at University of Wollongong in Dubai, (French)


  • Ph.D and Agrégation (competitive examination which corresponds to the highest teaching qualification in France) in History and Habilitation (to become full professor) in Geopolitics.

Field of Interest

  • Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, relations Asia/Middle East.
  • Geopolitics of Asia and of the Middle East.
  • Peace and Conflicts
  • Colonisation, Political History.


  • Associate Professor at University of Wollongong in Dubai, since 2018.
  • Associate professor at the American University in the Emirates (UAE) since 2014 – 2018.
  • American University in Dubai, 2006-2014.
  • In France (1993-2004), Lecturer in History at the Sorbonne University (Paris I) and at the University of Marne La Vallée, Paris.
  • Parliamentary aide, Assemblée Nationale (1989 – 1992)
  • Elected in 2014 Conseiller Consulaire (representative of the French abroad) for the UAE and Oman.


  • 6 books, more than 60 scientific articles.
  • I created the International Studies Network in the Emirates (NISE) that gathers a hundred researchers and professionals.


Last Publications


1 – The UAE. Geopolitics. Modernity and Tradition, Tauris: London, 2017, 264 p.

2 – Géopolitique de Dubaï et des Emirats Arabes Unis, Nancy: Editions de l’Arbre bleu, 2014, 348 p.

3 – (Editor) Les Philippines Contemporaines, Bangkok-Paris: Institut de Recherches sur l’Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine (IRASEC)-Les Indes Savantes, 2013, 619 p.


Book chapters

4 – “The UAE and the Arab Spring. Changing Foreign Policy” in Cenap Çakmak and Ali Onur Özçelik (eds.) Foreign Policy Analysis of the Arab Spring: How the International Community Responded to the Popular Uprisings in the Middle East? Palgrave-McMillan, 2018, pp. 395-416.

5 – “The UAE and Iran: the different layers of a complex security issue”, Iran in the World. President Rouhani’s Foreign Policy”, Pelgrave-McMillan, 2016, pp. 65-92.

6 – [“Independence of the Emirates. British Outlook of the Power Struggles (1968-1971)”] « Décolonisation des Emirats. Regards britanniques sur les luttes d’influence et les enjeux de pouvoir (1967-1971) » in Décolonisation, les hommes de la transition, Paris : L’Harmattan, 2014, pp. 114-128.

7 – “The Philippines under US rule: An American laboratory?” « Les Philippines, un laboratoire colonial américain ? » in Pacifications et administrations coloniales, Paris : CNRS édition, 2014, pp. 67-88.

8 – “A people of migrants” “From a colonization to another”, “Dictatorship’ 1946-1986”, “Medical tourism” “The Philippines and the US in Four Acts” “How do we become Filipino”] « Un peuple de migrants » ; « D’une colonisation à l’autre » « Dictature » « Tourisme médical » « Les Philippines et les Etats-Unis en quatre actes » « Comment devient-on Philippin » in Guéraiche, Les Philippines contemporaines, opus cite, 2013.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

9 – “Industrial Development Strategies in the United Arab Emirates”, Entreprises et histoire 2018/1 (n° 90), p. 106-113.

10 – “Diplomatie culturelle, un exercice rhétorique ? L’exemple du Louvre Abu Dhabi, musée universel”, Hermes, 2018 n° 81, pp. 167-175.

11 – “The UAE-Tunisia diplomatic relations: a subtle balance between economy and security?”, International Journal of Diplomacy and Economics, 2018, Vol. 3-4, pp 316-329.

12 – “Transnational Filipinos in the UAE: Actors and Strategies”, Arabian Humanities, 2016-7. http://cy.revues.org/3153 DOI: 10.4000/cy.3153

13 – [“ A War of Words ? ”] « Une guerre de mots ? Les Philippines aux marges du conflit », La Guerre de 1914-1918 et l’Extrême-Orient, numéro spécial de Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains, n° 256, janvier 2015, pp. 47-55.

14 – [“Higher Education in the UAE, between emiratisation and market constraints”] « L’enseignement supérieur aux EAU, entre émiratisation et contraintes du marché » Higher Education, Globalization and Power in the Arab World in Revue de la Méditerranée et des Monde Musulmans (REMMM), 2012, pp. 183-199.

Other Academic articles

15 – “After Daesh. Post Conflict Rehabilitation”, (in Arabic), Trends of Events issue 24, issue 18, November-December 2017, pp. 37-39.

16 – “Information warfare in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the invisible battalion?” Revue de l’Université d’Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, n° 1, December 2016, pp.147-160.

17 – Imagefare in the age of asymmetric warfare: anarchy or competing strategies? (in Arabic) Trends of Events, issue 18, July-October 2016, pp. 43-46.

18 – « Les Emirats Arabes Unis » « Oman » in Gildas, Simon (ed.), Dictionnaire géohistorique des migrations internationales dans le monde, Paris, Armand Colin, 2015, pp. 226-228, 282-284.

Online articles

19 – “Anti-terror Law in France: What is at Stake”, January 2018, FARAS website.


20 – “New Order in the Philippines, no Recourse, Elimination”, French Network for Asian Studies, January 2018.


21 – “New Actors, old Tricks. Implications of the French Presidential Elections”, May 2017, FARAS website.