RADM. Nakamura was entered Officers Candidate School of JMSDF in 1974 and commissioned ensign in 1975 and retired in March 2016. After retired, RADM. Nakamura has continue lectures the law of the sea, the law of armed conflict, law of military operations and rules of engagement at the Maritime command and staff college JMSDF and Joint Staff College JSDF as the visiting lecturer. Also the lecturer of international law and Japanese law at Saitama University, Keio-Gijuku University, and the adjunct lecturer at Yokohama National University, Sensyu University, Yamanashi-Gakuin University.

Awarded Meritorious Service Medal from United States for contributed to joint research with U.S. Naval War College In 2010.

RADM. Nakamura holds a LLM and a Ph.D. from Yokohama National University


“Changing structure of the international legal order” Yokohama Law Review vol.13 no.3 Yokohama National University, 2005.

“Domestic measure for legislation protection of individual to International humanitarian law ” Jurist No.1229  Yuhikaku Tokyo Japan, 2005.

“Dispute about Maritime Law between U.S. and China” Symposium Paper of 2017 International Symposium on Military Education, Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.(Taiwan), 2017.

“Characteristics of the JMSDF and JCG of Japan – Seen from the establishment process –” The Proceedings of Central Police University, 2017.