Gulf Regional Coordinator & Consultant to IGSDA. Kuwait

Huge links with security authorities in Kuwait and other countries in Gulf region.

Trained successfully more than 70 trainees to work in monitoring & control rooms and in industrial security belonging to Kuwait’s oil.


  • Kuwaiti Council of Ministers, Follow-up Committee of Security Decisions:
    • Director of Supervision of Security Control.
    • Assistant director of monitoring and control rooms (The three most important centers in Kuwait)
  • Technological Innovation Company (Security Projects’ Specialist)


  • The inventor of the idea of ” Event Log of Monitoring & Control Room”, approved by Kuwaiti authorities.
  • Co-author of the training reference ” Shifting at Work”.
  • Held several security training courses and seminars.

Obtained several Advanced Security Courses from UK (Monitoring & Control Room Management Course- Security Consultant Course – Security Project Management and other security courses).