Dr. Sayed Ghoneim, PhD in Political Science, Fellow of Nasser Higher Military Academy, and President of the Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs

A visualization showing blocks support tracks (militarily, financial, logistical, manpower supply and gold supply).
– UAE is a hub for support tracks for the RSF, Hafter, Southern Yemen, and Wagner Group – EGY and SAU support SAF.
Russia (through Wagner) is in convergence with Hafter and RSF, creating an scalable intersection.
The US and UK are in the mediation stage.
Despite Ethiopia’s support for RSF, instability in Sudan poses a threat to it.
After normalization with Sudan, Israel supported Sudan (RSF) with spying systems against the demonstrators.
Neither party seeks to divide Sudan – if Hemedti does not seize , he will try to win Darfur region (with the support of the eastern tribes of Chad).



PhD, MG(Ret.), Chairman IGSDA (UAE), Visiting Scholar in International Relations & International Security in several countries, (Egyptian)