On Friday, 19th of April 2019 The University of Tokyo held a workshop entitled “Religion and Global Security in the Changing International Order”.
Pr. Satoshi Ikeuchi (Professor of Religion and Global Security in U-Tokyo) prepared and moderated it in The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), as part of a series of research seminars held by the University of Tokyo. The workshop was chaired by the Egyptian Strategist Major General (ret). Sayed Ghoneim (Chairman, IGSDA).

Strategists, academics and officials in addition to The Egyptian Deputy Ambassador in Tokyo, Minister Plenipotentiary Hatem Al-Nashar attended the workshop.

Pr. Satoshi Ikeuchi started his introduction explaining the four sessions of the workshop starting with session 1 titled: “Middle East Regional Security at the End of the Tumultuous Decade” giving Ghoneim the opportunity to give his open remarks on “Geopolitical transformation in the Middle East and change of regional power balance and dynamics of new alliance making in and around the region” which was followed followed by comments and discussions.

Then Pr. Hideaki Shinoda (Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies – TUFS) gave a lecture on “Security Situation in Sahel and Sahara region” followed by comments and discussions.

Then Session 2 titled : “Religion in International Politics”. Pr. Saho Matsumoto (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nagoya City University) gave a lecture on “Vatican Diplomacy in International Politics” followed by comments & discussion.

Session 3 was titled: “Rise of Regional Powers and the Fate of Liberal International Order” started in the evening with a lecture titled ” Spheres of Influence in the Russian Military Doctrine in the Context of Receding Liberal International Order” which also was followed by comments and discussion”.