Monday, 26th of November 2018, at the invitation of Professor Satoshi Ikeuchi, a Professor of Global Security at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), University of Tokyo. And Dr. Hitoshi Suzuki , Chief Senior Researcher at the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE).

Sayed Ghoneim, Chairman of Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA) has given two strategic lectures in both IDE and RCAST.

In RCAST he gave a lecture titled ‘Strategic Rivalries in the Middle East: Risks and Opportunities in a New Security Dynamics’. Under this title Ghoneim discussed the strategic rivalries in the Middle East including the major powers (the U.S, Russia and China) in addition to the regional powers (Israel, Turkey, Iran and KSA). He also discussed influence and interests of these countries in addition to other key countries in the region, then he discussed the possible risks and opportunities in the Middle East for the major powers. Finally Ghoneim started receive questions and comments having a discussion of about 60 minutes.



And In IDE Ghoneim gave a lecture titled ‘Middle East Confronting Challenges’. Under this title Ghoneim discussed the challenges confronting the Middle Mast explaining the common challenges and his own view of true challenges, then he explained his view on the direct challenges facing the Middle East, after that he explained briefly efforts paid confronting the challenges by Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, KSA, UAE, Qatar, The Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. Finally Ghoneim started receive questions and comments having a discussion of about 60 minutes.

Both seminars were attended by officials from the Ministry of Trade & Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Self Defense, National Security Council; also experts, academics and scholars from the University of Tokyo and from specialized research centers.

“The attendees were very interacting, they stormed me with deep, thoughtful and concentrating comments and questions during the discussions, they inspired me with new wonderful ideas. I truly learned a lot from them, I’m really so grateful to all of them”, Ghoneim stated.