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Analytical vision: How does Israel think?

I see that Israel pursues policies and attitudes towards the Arab countries and the regional context is very different from what is being published and

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US forces withdraw from Afghanistan

The US has spent nearly $ 700 billion and lost more than 2,200 troops since its existence in Afghanistan in 2001.   US President Donald

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Ethiopian- Eritrean Relations and Management of Influence in the Horn of Africa

By: Sayed Ghoneim ———————— Introduction In late March 2018 the ruling coalition in Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, as new prime Minister following the resignation of


Leading From Behind

I think that the current external policy adopted by the US in the Middle East is the “Realism”. It has been adopted first by President

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Assessment: US To Withdraw Forces From Syria

President Donald Trump has begun withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, declaring on Wednesday, 19th of December that they have succeeded in their mission to defeat

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Sٍtrategic Rivalries in the Middle East-Risks and Opportunities in a New Security Dynamics

  Japan, University of Tokyo, The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) Speaker: Major General (Ret). Sayed Ghoneim (Chairman, IGSDA) Moderator: Pr. Satoshi

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Japan CRS organizes seminar discussing The Indo-Pacific relations with the Middle East

Tuesday, 27th of November 2018, at the invitation of Professor Amane Kobayashi, a Professor and Research Fellow at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), Sayed

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Japan RCAST and IDE organize seminars discussing Middle Eastern issues

Monday, 26th of November 2018, at the invitation of Professor Satoshi Ikeuchi, a Professor of Global Security at the Research Center for Advanced Science and


Marc Lavergne, géopolitologue, Directeur de recherche au CNRS

Marc Lavergne, géopolitologue, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, ancien directeur du Centre d’études et de documentation économique et juridique du Caire. Derniers ouvrages paru sur


Will “Maersk” Fight the International Efforts to Confront the Global Warming?

Maersk launches first container ship through Arctic route   Is the Arctic route a successful alternative to Suez Canal? ====================================== First: for decades, using the