By: Sayed Ghoneim, Major General (Retired) of the Egyptian Armed Forces

I’m really surprised that some speak with full certainty about the world after the COVID-19 crisis, while no single person knows what shape his/her own country will become because of COVID-19.

I see them all speak about how they want the world to become according to their tendencies and aspirations; but not how really the world will become, it’s just a wishful thinking.

While Virocologists researching how to fight COVID-19, other researchers (economic, political, security, social, ..) should seriously focus on the nature of the emerging risks of COVID-19 and its renewing impacts and repercussions, and how to mobilize all the capabilities needed to overcome those risks.

Countries are not in a competition to tackle an epidemic that has landed on the earth from another planet. The epidemic has emerged from a particular country and spreaded all over the world as a result of its inability to contain it.

The world is currently required to gather its capabilities and efforts at all levels and in all possible fields to overcome the crisis, dealing with it with complete transparency, studying the mistakes lessons and learning from lessons very carefully.

Any attempts to settle scores between the competing countries must be confronted, it’s necessary to abandon, even temporarily, the continuation of the rivalry that may destroy the world in circumstances like these. We must do all of this and more, or else the world will be exposed to a more dangerous condition than the virus itself.