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First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

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Major General (Retd) Sayed Ghoneim, Senior Strategist, International Security & Defense, UAE; Chairman IGSDA (Egyptian)

Ghoneim is a Fellow, Nasser Higher Military Academy of Egypt (PhD).

He is an International Security & Defense Expert in UAE and the Chairman of the Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA).


Ghoneim participated, spoke, and chaired international security and counter terrorism conferences, seminars, workshops and courses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, Crete Island, Tunis, Rome, Taipei, Brussels, Madrid, Naples and others.

He’s also a Visiting Scholar to:

NATO Defense College, Rome.

National Defence College, Brussels.

National Defense University, Taiwan.

American University in The Emirates , Dubai.

He is a monthly article writer and analyst in the national newspapers in Egypt, and he’s author of the book ‘Managing Defense in Democratic Society’.

Ghoneim was the Director of Operations (strategic department level). Prior to that, he served Director of Information and Operational Studies Center at Command & Staff College, he occupied other senior command and staff jobs in the Egyptian Army.

Internationally, he served as CoS at the UN Mission in Nepal, and participated in peacekeeping and humanitarian aids missions in Western Sahara and Rwanda.

He has also worked as Senior National representative of Egypt to the US Central Command.

He obtained his fellowship degree in strategic security studies from Nasser Higher Military Academy, of Egypt, his PhD theses of International Security Studies (NATO/ Egypt Partnership and the Future Cooperation). His Masters of Military Science from General C&SC of Egypt and Pakistan, and his Bachelor of Business Administrations from Ain Shams University, Egypt; in addition to a diploma in political science (Security Studies) from RMCS at Cranfield University, UK.

He’s a holder of Long Service Medal granted by the Egyptian President, beside other medals for his local and international outstanding services.

Last updated on May 2017

Website: &

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