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Sayed Ghoneim, Major General (Retd), Chairman IGSDA, UAE (Egyptian)

Sayed Ghoneim is Chairman, Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA – Online) – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Senior member of the Advisory Board of “Program of Master of Security Studies and Information Analysis” at American University in The Emirates (AUE).

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Ghoneim is a visiting scholar and regular guest speaker to;

  • Command & Staff College, Belgian Royal Military Academy, Brussels.
  • Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) of University of Tokyo.
  • Master’s program, National Defense University, Taiwan.
  • Defense University of Honduras.
  • NATO School Oberammergau, Munich.
  • NATO Defense College, Rome.
  • Wollongong University in Dubai (Australian university).
  • American University in The Emirates, Dubai.

He also spoke in the U.S. Central Command (Tampa, FL), European Union Military Staff HQ (Brussels).

He repeatedly participated, spoke, and chaired international security and counter terrorism activities in, Madrid, Crete Island, Seoul, Shanghai Abu Dhabi, Amman, Cairo, Tunis, Shanghai, Seoul, Tegucigalpa, and others.

He is a monthly article writer in the national newspapers and magazines in Egypt, and author of the book ‘Managing Defense in Democratic Society’.

During his long service in the Egyptian Armed Forces;

Locally, he occupied several command & staff jobs in fields of intelligence & information, planning & operations, training and education. His last position was Director of Planning and Operations at (strategic department level) of the Egyptian Armed Forces.


  • Senior National Representative of Egypt to the U.S. Central Command (Tampa, Florida).
  • Chief of Staff at the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN).
  • In other peacekeeping and humanitarian aids missions in Western Sahara and Rwanda.


Ghoneim obtained his Fellowship Degree in Strategic Security Studies from Nasser Higher Military Academy of Egypt (* PhD). Also, currently he’s a PhD researcher in Political Science (Faculty of Commerce and Political Science at Port Said University), Egypt.

He obtained his (Master of Military Science) from General Command & Staff College of both Egypt and Pakistan, and his Bachelor of Business Administrations from Ain Shams University, Egypt; in addition to a diploma in political science (Defence Diplomacy and Security Studies) from RMCS at Cranfield University, England, UK.


* The Fellowship Degree has been approved as PhD equivalent of Security & Defense Studies by the Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt on 22nd of November 2015 and attested by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affair on 30th of November 2015.

* The (Master of Military Science) from General C&SC of Egypt has been approved as MSc of Military Science by the Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt on 22nd of November 2015, and attested by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affair on 30th of November 2015

Last updated, July 2020


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