ِAccording to the coordination between the United States Central Command
Headquarters (Combined Strategic Analysis Group – CSAG) and (Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs – IGSDA) Major General (Retired). Sayed Ghoneim, (Chairman, IGSDA) visited US CENTCOM HQ on Wednesday, 16th of October 2019 and proceeded some activities with CSAG members.

Ghoneim started his visit in the main conference room, giving a lecture to the Senior National representatives in the US CENTCOM HQ, his lecture titled “Strategic Rivalries in the Middle East: Risks and Opportunities in New Security Dynamics” followed by questions asked by the attendees. During his lecture, Gen. Ghoneim presented his own views on the rivalries in the Middle East between three major powers (the United States, Russia and China) and between regional powers and actor states, and the features of new security dynamics, addressing current and possible risks and opportunities in the region. Gen. Ghoneim mainly focused on national security strategies of the United States, Russia and China, as well as Iran, Turkey and Israel, and their expansional goals that increase instability in the region. He also presented the most important new security dynamics and variables, including the Turkish transformation towards Russia, the possibility of some regional powers and regional actors turning transforming towards China, and some countries starting to become independent from the US.
He also pointed to the need to anticipate the growing rivalry for influence in the region between the United States and Russia and the prospects of increasing presence of China as well as the prospects for the presence of India and Japan in the future.

Then Ghonem was invited to attend the US CENTCOM HQ weekly meeting. The US CENTCOM weekly meeting was followed by business lunch inside CENTCOM HQ with members of the CSAG discussing several issues concerning the Middle East, North Africa and Horn of Africa.

Later, he’s invited for Office call with Vice Director, Strategy. Plans & Policy Directorate which was turned to a lengthy debate discussing the future and possible scenarios of the Middle East.

Finally, Gen. Ghoneim joined a business dinner with some members of CSAG continuing discussions concerning the future of the region.