According to Al Jazeera News, on 3 April 2022, A Ukrainian anti-tank ambush backed by artillery fire, destroyed a column of Russian tanks in the “Dmytrivka” area during its withdrawal from the “Zhytomyr” area in the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital “Kyiv”, on its way to Chernobyl”). The march route distance is about (250) km through “Dmytrivka”, which requires at least (15) full hours of march during fight.

It’s considered a fatal mistake that happened repeatedly by the Russian forces earlier with its supplies and provisions columns. these types of incidents show the failure of implementation the routine combat security procedures during the “tactical march during fight” specially in the depth of the territory of the enemy, which entails the next procedures:
1. Deploying advanced, side and rear reconnaissance and guarding elements to detect and identify any potential hostilities, especially enemy ambushes armed with guided anti-tank missiles.
2. Providing the commander of the marching column with ready air support upon his request when needed.
3. Instant field artillery and MILRS support that can be precisely directed to destroy the hostile means of fire and elements of ambush as soon as they are detected.
4. Ensuring combat security with modern ground and air fire-control systems to protect the marching force.
5. Providing the marching column with air defense systems able to engage with very low and low altitudes hostile air force.
6. The commander of the marching column MUST assign special well trained light ground elements capable to engage immediately with anti-tank ambushes and destroy them.
7. Professional organizing and formation of forces of the marching culmen, keeping safe distances between troops during marching, in a way that enables them to maneuver and conversion to combat formations that are commensurate with nature of the ground and size and capabilities of the expected hostilities, in a way that enables them to engage and destroy them.
8. These all require professional combat training while ensuring the provision of a highly efficient command and control system to manage the operations while marching.
MG(ret). Dr. Sayed Ghoneim
Fellow, Nasser’s Higher Military Academy
Chairman, IGSDA