UAE, Abu Dhabi,

Monday, 25.07.2022


Jehad Fathey Behery wrote:

Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs (IGSDA) was honored with the participation of our Chairman, Major General (R) Sayed Ghoneim Ph.D, with his lecture titled “Interactions and Challenges in the Middle East” hosted by the European Multinational Forces Command for (Operation AGENOR), during which the command’s staff attended; the operation AGENOR is the military track of the European-led Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH)

The event was started by Commander Oscar CIRILLO, Chief of Staff, EMASOH/OP AGENOR Chief of Staff, welcoming Gen. Ghoneim then giving a brief introduction to the attendees about  Ghoneim’s career and activities, then he start the lecture and ended by answering the questions and inquiries of the officers during the final discussion panel. The discussion revolved around important topics related to the situation in the Gulf region, the Strait of Hormuz and the neighboring Indian Ocean. And he was also briefed on Operation AGENOR to exchange different views and experiences. 

Ghoneim and the multinational staff of AGENOR’s Force Headquarters discussed important matters concerning the situation in the Gulf region, the Strait of Hormuz and the neighbouring Indian Ocean. In return, Mr Ghoneim was briefed about Operation AGENOR, in order to exchange different views and experiences.

In its official accounts in social media, Operation AGENOR expressed their appreciation for having a fruitful discussion with regional stakeholders and important actors in order to promote the freedom of navigation and to improve the effectiveness of its de-escalatory approach.