Jaber Mohamed Al Shuaibi, Emirati Researcher in Geopolitical Issues

11 Nov, 2020

It’s often the case that the analysis of the political weight of countries depends on the capacities, capabilities and resources of a country, and thus influences its policies and determines the compass of its outward movements. Politicians and intellectuals have called for finding criteria to measure the power of the state after the competition of the colonial powers that prevailed in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Away from the balance of power and international competition for resources, stability remains an important factor in providing an environment conducive to growth, prosperity and people’s well-being, and this is what the United Arab Emirates is keen on. During the first years of the last decade, we saw how dangerous the chaos caused by the so-called “Arab Spring” and the vacuum that resulted from it.

The UAE role has emerged as a rising regional power that promotes Arab and regional stability within the framework of international cooperation. The UAE has always proven that it is capable of analyzing developments in the region, and that it has an integrated vision that focuses on development, stability and tolerance. It is important to focus on the UAE’s political vision, which has been stable for decades, and which has developed to be supportive of sustainable development, and able to absorb new economic and technical data. This vision focused on the human being, and used science and strong will, in order to present a development model that is referred to as an exemplary model, and leads the development indicators according to several global standards. Through the peace treaty between the Emirates and Israel, the state contributed to reducing the intensity of conflicts in the region and reducing the hotbeds of tension as much as possible, which opens the door to opportunities for coexistence and cooperation in the region, which in turn derives its strategic value from its distinguished location between Asia, Africa and Europe and is considered the most prosperous region in the world in terms of economy and coexistence with different peoples.

The UAE’s internal and external policy always promotes and defends the values ​​and principles of peace, for the sake of the stability of all the peoples of the region, and seeks to confront extremism and reject radicalism and fanaticism, and all extremist ideas carried by terrorist organizations such as “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda”. The UAE has not only defended the original values ​​that reject extremism, but has also taken positive steps to spread tolerance and stimulate positive communication with other nations, peoples and cultures from all types and colors. The UAE’s efforts were crowned with success in February 2019, when the Pope of the Catholic Church visited the Emirates, and co-signed with His Eminence the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib the (Document on Human Fraternity). Throughout its solid development experience, the UAE has proven that looking to the future is the best way to keep pace with the developments of the times. Hence, the UAE has excelled in renewable energy projects, in space exploration through the (Hope Probe), and interest in advanced sciences, which is a basic ground for launching a generation capable of dealing with technical challenges, and qualified to absorb the major leaps the world is witnessing in the field of communication, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The UAE was distinguished by dealing with challenges institutionally and through objective steps. For instance, when the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, the country succeeded in containing its repercussions, achieving record numbers – at the global level – in examinations compared to the number of the population, and schools continued to teach remotely and institutions to work remotely, with an infrastructure which has proven its effectiveness in addressing the crisis. and the journey of giving by the UAE hasn’t stop there, rather it continues by helping the affected countries and extending a helping hand to brothers, friends and neighbors, based on purely humanitarian considerations.