Jaber Mohamed Al Shuaibi, Emirati Researcher in Geopolitical Issues

30 Dec, 2020

The UAE completes the year of scientific achievements with a distinguished success, which includes the success of the “Hope Probe” space travel, nuclear power generation, and development of the Corona vaccine marked the UAE’s entry into its Golden Jubilee in 2021. The UAE government’s launch the UAE vision 2021 since 2010, which focuses on 6 national priorities in the educational sector, health care, economic, government and police services, security, justice, community, and other sectors, indicates that the UAE is determined to become one of the best countries in the word on the fiftieth anniversary of its establishment. The UAE government’s purpose of the annual meeting is to monitor the level of progress in achieving the target of the national agenda and unify the efforts between working groups at the federal and local levels, in order to make the Emirati people and the residents happier and more satisfied not only at Arab or regional level but also at the global level. Despite the global economic conditions, the general budget of the Union 2021 has been approved with estimated expenditures of 58 billion dirhams, confirming the continuity of the national agenda and enhanced the rapid recovery of the UAE from the consequences of the Corona pandemic, through strategies of domestic tourism and providing the economic incentives for business and others. The key to the success of the UAE in a region full of ideological conflicts, regional interventions, and terrorism is the constructive interaction between the wise leadership and the citizens and achieve the growing aspirations in Excellence and Distinction. The UAE will remain the same during the next five decades “the UAE centennial 2071” by transferring challenges into development opportunities based on future visions, as the UAE succeed to take its position within the Big Ten Club in the Yearbook report for global competitiveness 2020 issued by the global competitiveness center of the international institute for administrative development. The UAE ranked ninth among the most competitive countries in the world, and for the fourth year in a row, the UAE is at the forefront countries of the Middle East and North Africa after its leadership performance in the region a pioneering model in achieving the balance between the diplomatic and political side, on the other hand the economic and social priorities side.

Countries develop their foreign policies to enhance their cooperation with other countries in areas that serve the national goals, and at the same time achieve common interests. The value that the UAE has since its establishment in moderation, religious pluralism, peace, and living in societies has served as a bridge of cooperation with advanced countries in all areas and transfer knowledge to UAE, launches joint programs between countries within the state’s vision and foresight for the future. As an Emirati researcher, I am very optimistic about great Emirati achievements during 2021 as a result of considering our wise leadership the human well-being and happiness at the forefront of its priorities. Leadership works proactively to ensure a good future for future generations which explains the community stability and comprehensive development that the UAE is experiencing, a place of security and safety that many people aspire to live in and resident from all over the world.