Jaber Mohamed Al Shuaibi, Emirati Researcher in Geopolitical Issues

25 Nov, 2020

After the United Arab Emirates approaches the farewell of year 2020 with unique achievements at the regional and international levels, the world is preparing to receive the UAE’s renewed achievements after the rational leadership’s involving all members of society consisting of citizens and residents in drawing the future of the State for the fifty coming years. Although the other countries suffer from the global crises, the United Arab Emirates faces these crises with high flexibility to face the changes, and succeeds in transforming the challenges into opportunities. One of the advantages of our leadership is reading the current data and developing accurate action plans that achieve the aspirations of the Emirati society.

In this context, we highlight the most important Emirati achievements in 2020, starting with the peace treaty with Israel, which stopped the annexation of some Palestinian territories to Israel and some countries in the region followed the example of the UAE, the matter which confirms the insight into changing geopolitical conditions that threatening the Arab national security. With regard to the second achievement, it is limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus through a set of proactive initiatives in suspending the flights and inviting individuals to stay at home, with increasing the scope of daily examinations in all regions of the country until it reached more than one hundred thousand examinations daily, leading to notable decrease in the rapid spread of the pandemic. The UAE has manifested the most wonderful examples of solidarity with all countries of the world during the Corona pandemic, as not less than 45 donors in the UAE extend its assistance to needy peoples in different countries of the world, regardless of geographical location, religion or political differences; rather, it takes into account, in the first place, the human aspect, which is a legacy rooted in the State’s foreign policy.

As for the third achievement, the launch of the Emirati “Probe of Hope” was the first event of its kind and does not repeat the achievements of others towards the discovery of Mars, as its mission lies in a deeply study that provides the scientific community with detailed data contributes to analyzing the causes of continuous erosion of the atmosphere and others, where we will witness the arrival of “probe of Hope” to Mars in February 2021. In respect of the fourth achievement, the operation of the first of Barakah peaceful nuclear energy stations, which is based on providing the electric energy in conjunction with reducing the carbonic emissions from electricity production, it aims to meet the country’s electricity consumption needs equivalent to 25% after operating the reactor of the fourth station. With this achievement, the UAE became the first in the Arab world and the thirty-third worldwide, which succeed in developing nuclear power plants to produce electricity in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. With reference to the fifth achievement, the UAE recently discovered 2 billion barrels of oil conventional crude oil and 22 billion barrels of unconventional oil resources, which contribute to advancing and promoting the economic and social development alongside with creating more job opportunities. The UAE also got the ninth rank at globally level among the most competitive countries in the world according to the World Competitiveness Yearbook Report 2020 whose classification is based on four main axes include: the economic performance, the government competence, the efficiency of business and infrastructure. With all these Achievements that make every citizen and resident on this good land be proud of such achievements, and we eagerly anticipate the country’s achievements for year 2021, which are given concern and paid constant attention by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the State, may Allah protect him.