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Wearing Mask: An Altruistic Behavior

Satoshi Ikeuchi, Religion and Global Security, University of Tokyo COVID-19 is breaking down psychological barriers between the East and the West. The custom of wearing face masks are quickly spreading into the daily life of the US, UK, Europe and

The Impacts of the Spread of the New Coronavirus on the Competition of Major Powers in the Middle East

Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan in December 2019 and eventually spread globally until the World Health Organization WHO declared it a global pandemic in March 2020; which means that the Middle East is included. The Middle

Predicting the World After The COVID-19 Crisis Is Just A Wishful Thinking

By: Sayed Ghoneim, Major General (Retired) of the Egyptian Armed Forces I’m really surprised that some speak with full certainty about the world after the COVID-19 crisis, while no single person knows what shape his/her own country will become because