“US President Joe Biden said on Monday he would be willing to use force to defend Taiwan and that the United States stands with other nations to make sure China cannot use force in Taiwan”.

By end of 2021, I had interpreted the coincidence between the intensification of Chinese fighter aircrafts above Taiwan during October 2021 and the start of Russian military operation in Ukraine two months later as a Sino-Russian consensus to divert American efforts between Northeast Asia in the South China Sea and Eastern Europe in the Black Sea and the Baltic.

Today, Biden publicly declares his direct support for Taiwan against China, as well as indirectly supporting the Ukrainian position against Russia, because he is highly anticipating the possibility of supporting two separate strategic fronts simultaneously. Especially since Biden said frankly and clearly that “the United States will use military force in the event of a Chinese military move against Taiwan.”

as per of my discussion with my friend Eric Michaels the Belgian DA to GCC, the most dangerous is that the US, in order to avoid the chance of confrontation, whether direct or indirect, on two main fronts together, shows the possibility of the US taking a bolder and stronger stance on its part. And in cooperation with the Western powers in the Eastern European crisis and the Ukrainian war alike as a deterrent against China, which is an ongoing war in which matters are easier to control compared to the situation in Northeast Asia, which is far and difficult for provisions and supplies.

Also, two issues are worth to be mentioned:
I. The US has military agreements with five countries in the Pacific as well as Europe.
II. : The Quad “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Initiative – FOIP” composing the US, Japan, India and Australia is scheduled to meet in Japan on May 24.

Sayed Ghoneim
MG(R), PhD in Political Science
Fellow Nasser’s Higher Military Academy
Chairman, IGSDA