A perception of the future of rivalry between the superpowers in the Middle East: Comparison between (the elements of national comprehensive powers, political and security influence and populism).

Which elements could enable a major power to shape the global order order and international resolutions during the current decade (2021-2030)?

Maritime military supremacy across the oceans.
Space and cyber sovereignty.
Know How Technology.
Capable and manoeuvrable diplomatic and security powers, having the capability to impose sanctions.
sustainable economic power.
Electronic means of economic domination (the Worldwide internet – social media – “Visa” cards – …).

Dr. Sayed Ghoneim
PhD in Political Science
Fellow, Nasser Higher Military Academy, Egypt
Chairman, Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs, UAE

From my book “Fingers Are On The Triggers: An Egyptian’s Perspective Of The Middle East”



PhD, MG(Ret.), Chairman IGSDA (UAE), Visiting Scholar in International Relations & International Security in several countries, (Egyptian)