Maersk launches first container ship through Arctic route


Is the Arctic route a successful alternative to Suez Canal?


First: for decades, using the Arctic route was a dream of all maritime shipping companies, specially in Western Europe as it may save time and money comparing with Suez Canal. The company tries to ship and transport containers, “Maersk” is about to launch its largest containers ship through it exploiting the phenomenon of global warming.

The problem is that Arctic route is difficult to use most of the year because of the snow and the high shipping insurance fee; also the possibility of delays is high. We may have to note that China (which plans for future decades) has not set this Arctic route in the calculations of its strategic “One Belt One Road” initiative  planned for maritime and terrain shipping from East Asia to Europe, the initiatie depends on Suez Canal the guaranteed route.

Second, and most importantly: Global warming is one of the most challenging phenomena of climate changes, it directly threatens the global security. How does an international company bet on its success depending on one of the most serious threats to global security? Will “Maersk” fight the international efforts to confront the global warming phenomenon? Very opportunistic and obviously the attempts will not succeed at the long term.

Major General (Ret). Sayed Ghoneim
Fellow, Nasser Higher Military Academy
Chairman, Institute fo Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA-Online)