First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

First IGSDA National Security in Taiwan

Global and Regional Security Challenges and Threats to East & Southeast Asia More »

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyberspace is now considered part of any national security stratgey More »

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Specialized tactics, strategies and technologies More »

CyberSense 2016

CyberSense 2016

Cyber Sense World (CSW) will bring together the industry experts, key decision makers and experienced influencers from across the globe to discuss, highlight and analyse the various aspects of Cyber Security More »


كتاب رئيس الصين: حول الحكم والإدارة

  نظرة على كتاب رئيس الصين شي شين بينج : حول الحكم والإدارة


The People’s Republic of China, the superpower state with its huge economic power is currently seeking to restore its historical trade project “Silk Road” as a new strategic initiative “One Belt, One Road”, regards the United States, Japan, India and

Challenges Confronting Middle East and Ramification on East Asia

Second Intentional Conference on Military Education and Regional Security, Taiwan NDU

Nature and Future Relationship of Indo-Pacific and Middle East

By: Sayed Ghoneim Introduction Many people may not imagine the nature of the link between the Middle East and Indo-Pacific countries. Some analysts may rule out the Middle East as a theater of competition between actors Indo-Pacific region, but current

طبيعة ومستقبل علاقات الإيندو-باسيفيك والشرق الأوسط

ســـيد غنيم يكتب….       قد لا يتصور البعض وجود علاقة بين الشرق الأوسط ومنطقة الإيندو-باسيفيك. قد يستبعد بعض المحللين أن يكون الشرق الأوسط مسرحاً للتنافس بين الجهات الفاعلة في شرق آسيا، لكن الأحداث الحالية تؤكد ذلك. لا يتخذ

‘Indo-Pacific and Middle East Relationship’; a Strategic Round-Table in Japan Maritime Command & Staff College

‘Indo-Pacific and Middle East Relationship’ was the title of the strategic round-table held by Japan Maritime Command & Staff College, Tokyo on Wednesday, 01st of August 2018. Chairman of the Institute for Global Security & Defence (IGSDA) Major General (ret).

Taiwan held its 2nd ‘International Conference for Military Education’

For the second year, hosted by the President of National Defense University, Taiwan Ministry of National Defence held its biggest ‘International Conference for Military Education – ICME’. More than thirty international experts from 27 countries spoke in the conference which was

Middle East Security Challenges and Their Ramifications on East Asia

11 July 2018 Introduction I’ll outline the Middle East (ME) Term as (The Middle East and North Africa – MENA), which is “a transcontinental region extended from Iran in Western Asia to Mauritania in North Africa; 21 countries including Turkey

تحديات وأزمات الشرق الأوسط وتداعيتها على شرق آسيا

11/ 07 / 2018  أولاً: تواجه منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا تحديات وأزمات شديدة الخطورة أهمها: القضية الفلسطينية.. الإصرار الإسرائيلي الأمريكي على عدم حل الدولتين وإعتبار القدس عاصمة لإسرائيل. الأزمة الإيرانية.. إنسحاب أمريكا من الإتفاقية النووية الإيرانية وإحتمال فرض عقوبات جديدة